A note from Mark Robinson

Our outgoing President and 2020 Clubman of the Year says a few words about his time in the role. Thanks for all your hard work over the years, Mark! It is genuinely appreciated, and we can’t wait for plenty more signature Robbo hoofs up the pitch in 2021.

For those that weren’t at Awards Night, (and for those that were there but were too drunk to
remember {you not me} ) I had a few words as I step down as President of the club after three
years in the role.

We all know this was what he was really in it for…

This season we’ve just completed is my twelfth playing for Sydney Rangers and just under nine
years on the Committee. Back in 2009 we only had one team, and Gavin asked me to join the
Committee not long after. I remember thinking how much work can that really be? Back then I
would never have guessed that I would be here retiring as President eleven years later.

Along with many, many others we’ve achieved so much over the years. We’ve put on ten seasons
of winter competitions, playing for our own badge since 2018. We’ve grown from one team to
six; 100+ members. We’ve entered the FFA Cup three times, the first gay inclusive club
worldwide to play in their national cup competition. We’ve played the JF Cup annually, beating
Melbourne more times than we’ve lost (including when they tried to cheat fielding a former
professional). We’ve been away internationally to Cologne, to Mexico City, to Miami, to Paris
and to Parramatta Pride. We’ve put on Mardi Gras Parades, Fair Day stalls, and Mardi Gras Tournaments.
We’ve raised money any way we can through kind and generous sponsors, through club nights,
raffles, cloakrooms, BBQs and jelly wrestling.

We’ve supported our community’s mental and physical health through our ongoing partnership
with ACON, dressing up as tradies and by encouraging a healthy active lifestyle. We’ve fought
homophobia on the pitch and in the media, but there is so much more still to do.

Personally, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing over the years. There’s a lot of time and effort that
goes in by the Committee, Sub-Committee, Coaches, Managers and many more to make sure we
all have as fun as possible football and events. It’s definitely had me stressed and grumpy at
times, and I’ve definitely put Ben through it over the years so I’m eternally grateful to have had
him by my side through it all.

When I attend club events, such as Awards Night, I do look around though and see so many
friendly faces, and so many of the very best friends a person could have, so without a shadow of
a doubt I’ve gotten back ten times over what I’ve put into this club.

Jackson Bova will be taking over as President and I’ve every confidence that he and the new
Committee will continue to take us from strength to strength. He’s been around for five seasons
now, but he’s not quite the dinosaur I am so If you don’t know him please make sure you reach
out, as I’m sure he will to you.

From the bottom of my heart I thank you all for having me over the last few years and thank you
for all you’ve done to make what we do possible. I now have a few months in the off season to
prepare my assault on the platinum boot in 2021!

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