2018 Winter Comp | Registration

It is with great pleasure and tremendous pride that today we announce that Sydney Rangers FC has been accepted as a member of the Canterbury & District Soccer Football Association (CDSFA). This means that in 2018 all of us will have the honour and privilege to be the first group of players to run out each and every week in our Sydney Rangers jerseys, playing for our badge, for our club and for what we represent.
Previous to this year Sydney Rangers FC played under the umbrella of Balmain and District Football Club. We currently have five teams – three all age and two over 35s. The season runs from the beginning of April to the end of August.


New players please email the Football Director to register your interest in playing Winter Comp and read all of the info below. 
Returning players please read all of the info below and register by 31st January 2018.
 Invited players please read all of the info below and register by 31st January 2018.


 [  R E G I S T E R  F O R  W I N T E R  C O M P  2 0 1 8  ]

NEED HELP? : SRFC Self Registration Guide 2018

Please visit the FAQs page for more Winter Competition information.

If you have any technical issues registering please contact  the Committee and we’ll look into it for you.