Registration – What do I need to do to register for the Winter Competition?

Every Winter Competition player must be a Full Member of Sydney Rangers. Coaches, managers and players should be aware that only players who are financial members of the club will be able to take to the field for Round 1 of the Winter Competition season.

We encourage all players to arrange their SRFC membership as soon as possible prior to the start of the new year.

Sydney Rangers will try to accommodate the inclusion of all returning and new members who wish to play Winter Competition, however in the event of over-subscription, no guarantees can be made due to squad size limitations (approximately 16-18 per team).

Preference will be given to returning players who have attended club activities throughout the year including fundraising and social competitions.

Grading – How does Sydney Rangers grade the teams?

The grading of our squads is organised by a Team Selection board made up of Club Coach, Coach and Football Director with input from the SRFC Committee.

All football events will be used as opportunities for grading, including:

  • Social Soccer;
  • Preseason Training;
  • Grading Trial Games;;
  • Mardi Gras Football Tournament; and
  • Preseason Games – all Winter Competition players are advised to keep every weekend free for trial games during the month of January to March.

Training and Team Selection – When does training start? Who conducts team selection each week?
Sydney Rangers holds preseason training prior to the start of the Winter Competition commencing as soon as fields are available. For 2019 this is likely to begin early March in the Inner West. Once the season commences it will be at Blick Oval, Canterbury on Wednesday nights 7-9pm from April until the end of the season in August. Winter Competition players are expected to make as many sessions as possible to improve individually and as a team and for certain teams there are minimum attendance requirements.

The Sydney Rangers team coaches and managers will liaise to organise a mix of joint and separate skills/fitness based activities to meet the unique training needs of each team.

The location and set day for training during the season will be Blick Oval for both Training and ALL home games. It is the responsibility of the team coach to select the team from week to week.

Playing up a Grade – What if a team is short and needs players?
All players who wish to be considered to play up need to let your team coach/manager’s know at the beginning of the season.

During the season, the coaches and managers will consult with each other to determine which players are selected to play up each week and communicate this to the Committee. No team will be left short as a result of players playing up and all players must comply with CDSFA and club rules.

If any player has any other questions about Winter Competition please contact the Sydney Rangers Committee.