International Tournaments

Despite our remoteness from the rest of the world Sydney Rangers has competed in many of the largest international tournaments over the years. 

The next major tournaments scheduled are the Euro Games in Copenhagen Aug-21  and the  Gay Games 11: Hong Kong Nov-22  and we’ll look to participate in both pending COVID-19 restrictions easing and sufficient interest from Rangers players. 

Previous Tournaments we’ve participated in, include:

Gay Games 10: Paris 2018

Players back left to right- Rasmus Goden, Dennis Olsson, Matt Beal, Kenan Aldemir, Joseph Roppolo, Mark Robinson, Ben Bagshaw, Sherif Moukkassa
Players front left to Right – Xander van Balen, Jackson Bova, Igor Rudar, Paul Flynn, Claudio Padellini, Kevin Kaila.

Out Games: Miami 2017

Miami 2017
Players: Back left to right – Tiger Hu, Stewart Salazar, Steve Kojic, Paul Flynn, Ben Bagshaw, Sam Hoagland, Matthew Beal, Carl Austin, Akio Matsui
Front left to right – Hiro Tsuchiya, Shah Sabri, Felipe De Penconia, Nik Nuerlan, Koji Niikura, Mark Robinson, Oscar Wong.

IGLFA World Cup 20: Mexico City 2012

Players back left to right – Allan Burns, {Adam Farraway}, Danny Shah, Mark Robinson, Koji Niikura, {Jason Skinner}, Darren Orthly-Antoine, Adrian Lewin, Akio Matsui, {John McBride}, {TBC}, Sherif Moukkassa
Players front left to right – Nik Nuerlan, Paul Flynn, Anthony Rye, Scott Haddin, Daryn Vanstone, Dook, {Emmanuel}

Gay Games 8: Cologne 2010

Players back left to right – Alex Mungall, John Player, Neil Harris, Mark Eagleson, Mark Robinson, Darren Orthly-Antoine, Danny Shah, Vincent Gaultier
Players front left to right – Sherif Moukkassa, {TBC}, Adrian Lewin, Dook, {TBC}, Daryn Vanstone

IGLFA World Cup 19: Washington 2009

IGLFA World Cup 17: London 2008

IGLFA World Cup 12: Boston 2003

Gay Games 6: Sydney 2002

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