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AA9 2021 Season Review

A Fresh Start Being a player, committee member, and captain in the mere 3 years I’ve been a part of the club, it was only a matter of time before I dabbled into the management of the team, and despite the season abruptly ending, it was an absolute delight. It was the second successive season… Read More

AA1 2021 Season Review

Finishing runners up in our first season in Div1 in 2020, the whole team was raring to go for our second attempt to snatch the crown – and boy did we deliver! Going into the season with a new found confidence (After the nerves of the unknown Div1 had gone, and knowing that Balmain 1st… Read More

AA14C 2021 Season Review

Recently Marvel released their ‘What If?’ TV Series, delving into the scenarios in the Marvel Universe had things panned out a bit differently. It made me think: ‘What if that limo driver was double vaccinated?’. The answer is, the C’s would be Grand Final winners in 2021. You can’t tell me otherwise. The season started… Read More

AA14D 2021 Season Review

Well hello everyone and thanks for stopping by to my review of the Div14 Ds season. Obviously the season was ended prematurely by COVID, but we played every team once before that happened so I’ve got plenty to get stuck into, much like a Jonah Musitano tackle.  I entered the season full of positivity after… Read More


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