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AA13s 2020 Season Review

Kenan and Mark review a memorable season for our Div 13s.

AA1s 2020 Season Review

Our AA1s Manager and Coach Charlie reviews an exceptional first season in Division 1 for our boys After a Top-Of-The League performance in Div2 last season, promotion into Div1 had us excited for a new and tough challenge… Read More

AA9s 2020 Season Review

Thoughts from the Coach, by Gus Davidson Well what a great first season for a newly formed B team (AA-09). Following year-on-year growth of the Rangers, the new B team was created to sit between our AA1s and… Read More

AA14s 2020 Season Review

James Cardall aka #CoachCardall aka #CaptainCardall reviews our Div14s best ever season Looking back 4 months ago, the thought of starting the 2020-21 season was a nothing but a pipe dream, let alone completing it. But, fast forward… Read More


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