O35 Silvers 2021 Season Review

The 2021 season for the Silvers started with some tough grading decisions but they certainly paid off. Whilst our trial matches left many of us worried that it was going to look like a repeat of 2020’s frequent drubbing it was not to be, instead it was arguably the Silvers best season on record.

In every match, the team pulled together, played hard and often ground out come from behind wins which saw us make it in to the top 6 by the time the draw was split.

Unfortunately COVID-19 intervened in our march to finals football and cruelly cut short our season and grand final glory was not on the cards this year.

What was the reason for the Silvers success in 2021? Pundits have said it was the new coach/manager/captain combination but others it was the overwhelming positive attitude within the team and the desire to have fun and play fair each match. Either way, it leaves a solid foundation for the team as we prepare for 2022 success.

Dean Maybury

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