Mission, Vision & Goals

Our Mission

“To instil pride and achieve success on and off the field by playing fun and inclusive football for gay men and our friends to make a positive contribution to our wider LGBT community.”

Our Vision

Sydney Rangers FC provides a platform for football players of all skills and abilities to play at various competitive levels, to represent our Club with pride at both international and domestic tournaments, and always maintain a strong recreational and social focus aimed at supporting the gay inclusive community.

We create a supportive team environment where players are encouraged to join our “football family” regardless of ability, age, race or sexuality and we encourage all members to build strong relationships within our community to promote a healthy, vibrant and tolerant society.

Our philosophy is to accommodate players of all skill levels for those who desire to play competitive or social football.

Sydney Rangers FC espouses the following key principles:

  1. Respect for All Persons – all members are equally important and will be treated with respect and fairness. We will conduct ourselves in a manner which promotes respect for ourselves, team officials, the opposition and our supporters.
  2. Player Development – within a fun, welcoming and inclusive team environment so players can develop their skills, build life-long friendships and a keen interest in our Club and the global phenomenon that is football.
  3. Safety – we will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all of our players, team officials and supporters. We will provide a harassment free sporting environment.
  4. Community Engagement – to build stronger ties within our community and foster a shared sense of belonging and contribute to a positive social responsibility from all of our members.
  5. Sponsors – work closely with our sponsors to realise mutually beneficial long term goals.
  6. Identification and Affiliation – support the identification and development of gay and inclusive football in Australia and help to promote gay and inclusive identified football clubs.
  7. Promotion of Football – fostering the promotion and development of the “the world game” amongst Sydney and Australia’s LGBT community.
  8. Financial Stability – to operate a financially stable organisation and support the achievement of our long term goals.

Our Goals

Short Term (within 12 months)

  • Consolidate our 3 winter comp teams with Balmain DFC – 2 all age men’s & 1 over 35s team.
  • Grow our membership of 69 members to 80 full and social members.
  • Sign new sponsorship agreement with:
  1. New media sponsor
  2. New venue specific sponsor
  3. New preferred travel sponsor
  • To establish a Player’s Code of Conduct for all members of the Club.
  • Conduct a cost analysis for the creation of a Rangers app across apple and android platforms as a resource tool for the management of upcoming games and disseminating all club information.
  • Build the financial position of Rangers to enable the combined support to run PFA Sydney 2014 in conjunction with The Flying Bats. We propose the joint working group of 3 Rangers and 3 Bats.
  • Sydney Rangers FC will maximise all PR events that can benefit the image of the Rangers brand (eg Fair Day, Mardi Gras Tournament, Mardi Gras Parade, etc) and to provide a return to members such as the End of Season Gala Event.
  • Provide assistance and support to prepare for the next international tournament in 2015 and provide any support needed to help our team get to the Cleveland/Akron Gay Games in 2014.
  • Keep a minimum cash balance of $10k as a base savings figure to safe guard the financial future of our Club.

Medium Term (2-3 years)

  • Develop a fourth winter comp team.
  • Increase our membership to 100 full and social members.
  • Participate in the full establishment of PFA as a separate entity as a condition under which we operate.
  • To build, foster and pursue relationships with Football Federation Australia (FFA) and Sydney FC to achieve our mutually beneficial long term goals. We hope to build on the excellent work by the Sydney Convicts who succeeded to get all major sporting codes including FFA to sign the Anti-Homophobia & Inclusion Framework for Australian Sports.
  • When the Club’s financial position is greater than $10k (minimum cash balance), we will liaise with our membership via a members’ survey to assess how the money is to be spent.

Long Term (5 years)

  • To position the Sydney Rangers brand as a competitive and comparable brand to rival other like sporting teams in Sydney, Australia and internationally.

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