Jeffy goes to Washington

We hear from superstar Rangers C winger Jeffy Bravo (pictured back row & centre) about his trip to Washington D.C. to represent Sydney Rangers at the IGLFA 7-a-side World Championships.

Jeffy – give us a bit of an introduction to you:

Hi my name is Jeffy Bravo, I am 27 years old and I joined the Sydney Rangers in 2021. I mostly play left or right midfield, well.. when I’m not on the bench that is due to my asthma and lack of fitness 😅

How did the team get on in Washington?

We started the IGLfA tournament strong winning both of our games on the first day and made it to the semi finals. We lost narrowly in a 4-3 thriller, although it was a pretty even game.

What was your experience of the tournament overall?

Participating in this tournament was a lot of fun, we met loads of people and added some on socials to keep in touch for the upcoming Sydney World Pride x IGLFA tournament next year.

What would be your advice to anyone thinking of going to an overseas tournament with the Rangers?

My advice for anyone thinking about participating in an international IGLFA tournament would be to definitely give it a go! Especially if you do not have much or any overseas travel experience. It was my first time travelling overseas since being an adult and travelling with the other Rangers boys was very memorable and fun. I’m really looking forwards to next year’s tournament here at Sydney World Pride and hopefully the next overseas one that follows!! 😁

Find out more about our IGLFA tournament at Sydney World Pride by visiting

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