COVID-19 Safety & Match Day Procedure

This week we’ve received a number of comms from CDSFA regarding COVID-19 safety and match day procedures. As a reminder:


· Arrive, play, and depart.

· Do not come early to watch teams before you or stay late to watch teams after. This is the opposite of our normal values to support others in the club, but this is a critical time fighting COVID-19 and we don’t want to risk the season being abandoned.

· Do not hang around after the game and have a beer. It’s great to deconstruct the game with your team after you’ve played but do not do it pitch-side. In line with guidelines on social distancing and max group numbers go to a pub or someone’s house.

· Spectators are strongly discouraged – any partners/ family providing lifts, please ensure they socially distance whilst spectating.

· Please continue to social distance and practise good hygiene with frequent hand washing, minimising contact with your team and the opposition as much as possible.

Match Day Technical areas

  • Only registered coaches and managers and participating players are permitted in the technical area.
  • The 2 team officials (Coach and Manager) must wear Hi-Vis team official vests + association ID cards.
  • Any non-participating previously injured players are permitted in the technical area. They must remain outside of the roped area with other spectators.
  • Pet dogs are not permitted inside the ropes or the technical area. (Mark: Mea culpa on this one!)
  • Young children should not be in the technical area. This is for reasons of safety.

We’re five games into a season we’re very lucky to be playing, with our Melbourne friends in lockdown. Let’s do the right thing and ensure we can complete it! For those playing today, lets get some wins!⚽🌈

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