Miami World Outgames


SRFC @ Miami World Outgames

28th May – 2nd June 2017

Now’s the time to register for the Miami Games – Early bird registration finishes on 30 August! Pay $150 USD instead of $250USD after this date.

Register HERE.

Our team is created, just search for Sydney Rangers and you’ll find us. If you need a team code use ‘SRFC’.

There is also a deferred payment plan where you can pay 40% up front, and then 2 payments of 30% within 60 days. In the checkout use code ‘DPPAPO’ in the coupon section and the reduction for the initial payment should be made.

There is an additional sports charge per sport you play – for soccer it’ll be approx $60-65 USD per player depending on the exact number of players we have. The club has generously decided to support our goal to win the trophy by agreeing to contribute $100 AUD per player (SRFC members only) to cover this fee and put a little toward your registration fee. Once registered contact Mark Robinson – for further details.

Any other questions or issues let me know, let’s win it!

Sydney Rangers Footbal Club Committee

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