Over 35s – Silver Foxes – 2018 Season – Division 6

After a long season punctuated by injury and illness, it is perhaps best to look back on the highlights for Season 2018 for the Silvers.

Apologies to the few who are missed being specifically named here – but there were a few extraordinary feats to look back on:

1. Paul McInerney and Ben Giles both getting their first goals – both of whom now have infinity percent more goals than me!

2. Gavin Mears playing both on the field and in goals, literally on one knee for the vast majority of the season – in a side depleted of numbers, we needed a leader to take a stand, and Gavin came to the fore.

3. Alex Coelho put away 20+ goals for the second season in a row – he was so instrumental to what success we did have, that halfway through the season we were 2nd on the ladder for goals scored…unfortunately we also led for goals conceded…by a much larger margin!

There were numerous other bright points for the season – Chris Maude and Roland continued their ever-present status giving 100% each time they entered the pitch for numerous seasons now, along with the emergence of John Grady as a seriously decent midfielder who never gives up, to the day we took to the field with the minimum 7 men on a double header Sunday against a Balmain side with a full bench…this was a Herculean effort by those involved.

Thank you to all who contributed to the season – not many wins on the pitch, but by seasons end we could hold our heads high knowing we had given everything we could.

Coach: Luke Taylor

Players: Faizal Anuar, Alexandre Coelho, Ben Giles, John Grady, Stratos Fotinos, Tiger Hu, Tingze Huang, David Hoffman, Colin Jones, Chris Maude, Roland Maurer, Gavin Mears, Paul McInerney, Sherif Mouakkassa, Ali Norouzi, Mark Sharp, Peter Stark, Luke Taylor.

Golden boot: Alexandre Coelho (20 goals)
Coach’s player of the year: Gavin Mears
Player’s player of the year: John Grady