Sydney Rangers FC


Rangers are growing in 2015 and currently recruiting for the 2015 Winter Competition!

We seek new players to join our club and the upcoming 11-side Winter Competition, especially our new fourth All-Age team between the ages of 18-55!

Even if you haven’t kicked a ball in a while, why not develop your football and social skills and play the world game with Rangers?

Join us at Sunday Social at Wentworth Park on Wentworth Park Rd, Ultimo (on one of the grass fields between the light rail and stadium) from 4.00 to 6.00pm most weekends.

All new players must be registered by 22 February so contact us now!  

Email for more information.

Meet the Rangers – Saturday Session

Meet the Rangers – Saturday Session

Come and meet the Sydney Rangers for a fun afternoon with our players and members.

Join us at the Midnight Shift (Oxford St) for a fun afternoon with a free BBQ and pool
Rangers committee will be on hand to talk to anyone about joining the club and to introduce new comers to our players.

Join via Eventbrite or Facebook

Rangers Newsletter Edition 12 – May 14

Rangers Newsletter Edition 12 – May 14

Our Mission

“To instil pride and achieve success on and off the field by playing fun and inclusive football for gay men and our friends to make a positive contribution to our wider LGBT community.”

Our Vision

Sydney Rangers FC provides a platform for football players of all skills and abilities to play at various competitive levels, to represent our Club with pride at both international and domestic tournaments, and always maintain a strong recreational and social focus aimed at supporting the gay inclusive community.

We create a supportive team environment where players are encouraged to join our “football family” regardless of ability, age, race or sexuality and we encourage all members to build strong relationships within our community to promote a healthy, vibrant and tolerant society.

Our philosophy is to accommodate players of all skill levels for those who desire to play competitive or social football.

Sydney Rangers FC espouses the following key principles:

  1. Respect for All Persons – all members are equally important and will be treated with respect and fairness. We will conduct ourselves in a manner which promotes respect for ourselves, team officials, the opposition and our supporters.
  2. Player Development – within a fun, welcoming and inclusive team environment so players can develop their skills, build life-long friendships and a keen interest in our Club and the global phenomenon that is football.
  3. Safety – we will provide a physically and emotionally safe environment for all of our players, team officials and supporters. We will provide a harassment free sporting environment.
  4. Community Engagement – to build stronger ties within our community and foster a shared sense of belonging and contribute to a positive social responsibility from all of our members.
  5. Sponsors – work closely with our sponsors to realise mutually beneficial long term goals.
  6. Identification and Affiliation – support the identification and development of gay and inclusive football in Australia and help to promote gay and inclusive identified football clubs.
  7. Promotion of Football – fostering the promotion and development of the “the world game” amongst Sydney and Australia’s LGBT community.
  8. Financial Stability – to operate a financially stable organisation and support the achievement of our long term goals.

Our Goals

Short Term (within 12 months)

  • Consolidate our 3 winter comp teams with Balmain DFC – 2 all age men’s & 1 over 35s team.
  • Grow our membership of 69 members to 80 full and social members.
  • Sign new sponsorship agreement with:
  1. New media sponsor
  2. New venue specific sponsor
  3. New preferred travel sponsor
  • To establish a Player’s Code of Conduct for all members of the Club.
  • Conduct a cost analysis for the creation of a Rangers app across apple and android platforms as a resource tool for the management of upcoming games and disseminating all club information.
  • Build the financial position of Rangers to enable the combined support to run PFA Sydney 2014 in conjunction with The Flying Bats. We propose the joint working group of 3 Rangers and 3 Bats.
  • Sydney Rangers FC will maximise all PR events that can benefit the image of the Rangers brand (eg Fair Day, Mardi Gras Tournament, Mardi Gras Parade, etc) and to provide a return to members such as the End of Season Gala Event.
  • Provide assistance and support to prepare for the next international tournament in 2015 and provide any support needed to help our team get to the Cleveland/Akron Gay Games in 2014.
  • Keep a minimum cash balance of $10k as a base savings figure to safe guard the financial future of our Club.

Medium Term (2-3 years)

  • Develop a fourth winter comp team.
  • Increase our membership to 100 full and social members.
  • Participate in the full establishment of PFA as a separate entity as a condition under which we operate.
  • To build, foster and pursue relationships with Football Federation Australia (FFA) and Sydney FC to achieve our mutually beneficial long term goals. We hope to build on the excellent work by the Sydney Convicts who succeeded to get all major sporting codes including FFA to sign the Anti-Homophobia & Inclusion Framework for Australian Sports.
  • When the Club’s financial position is greater than $10k (minimum cash balance), we will liaise with our membership via a members’ survey to assess how the money is to be spent.

Long Term (5 years)

  • To position the Sydney Rangers brand as a competitive and comparable brand to rival other like sporting teams in Sydney, Australia and internationally.

The Sydney Rangers Football Club Inc hereby advise that their Annual General Meeting will take place upstairs at ACON, 414 Elizabeth St, Surry Hills at 7.30PM on Tuesday the 22 April 2014.

The following positions will be elected at the AGM:

(a) the President;

(b) the Vice-President;

(c) the Treasurer;

(d) the Secretary; and

(e) the Sponsorship and Fundraising Officer.

Only Life Members, financial Full Playing Members and financial Social Members may be elected to the Committee. Such members wishing to be elected to one of the above positions will be required to submit either the President or Committee nomination form to the Secretary and Returning Officer via email no later than 4pm Saturday 19 April 2014.

If insufficient nominations or nominations equal to the number of positions are received to fill all vacancies on the Committee, the candidates nominated are taken to be elected.

Committee Nomination Form (14-15)

President Nomination Form (14-15)

Members wishing to offer a Proxy can do so using the attached form.

Proxy Nomination Form

All votes must be given personally or by proxy but no member may hold more than 3 proxies.

Eligibility to Vote

Only financial Full Playing Members, financial Social Playing Members and Life Members may vote on the election of the Committee and on any resolution put to a General Meeting, including Special Resolutions.

Special Resolutions

The attachment below provides the proposed Special Resolutions to amend the clubs constitution.

Special Resolutions to Amend the Constitution

Sydney Rangers Weekly Round Up (Friday 6th April 14)

Sydney Rangers Weekly Round Up (Friday 6th April 14)

Sydney Rangers Football Club Weekly Roundup

Sydney Rangers Football Club Weekly Roundup


I would like to thank everyone who has helped over the past few months to ensure another fun and successful Mardi Gras for our ever growing and ever more recognisable name in the gay community.

There are many people to thank and to all those not named, I thank you too.

But special thanks must go to the following Rangers:
To Dan, for keeping everyone up to date and informed in a new and exciting professional looking manner.
To Bruce, for another spectacular stand at Fair Day and making the day a success.
To Paul, for getting the troops together, keeping the sponsors happy and helping us to honour our commitments.
To Joseph, for pulling a great Mardi Gras Parade float out of mid-air and, in my opinion, turning it into our best float so far and for pulling together a month-long festival of events and ensuring it all went (mostly) according to plan.

As this was my final Mardi Gras as President it would have been nice to go out with the full blown float but alas the weather was not on our side at decision time, but I am very happy to be ending my term with such a resounding success that we enjoyed last month.

So yes, I am here formally announcing my retirement as President of Sydney Rangers FC.

For the past 2 months I have been trying to find the opening line that I wanted to start my last message with and I could not find it. But after the Mardi Gras parade and with the festival just finished, I have my opening line and that is to thank everyone who makes this Club what it is.

Yes there are problems and issues and disagreements and always someone unhappy with something, but if we all agreed all the time how boring that would be and how stagnant. How the opposing point of view is put across is what can cause more consternation, not the fact there is a dissenting view, so I ask of everyone to keep that in mind when they have something to say.

The Committee, the next President, your Coach or Manager, all welcome and encourage opposition, criticism, suggestions, and sometimes even praise, especially when it is put forward thoughtfully and most importantly respectfully. For the most part, compromise can be found and reached to benefit all. And that is what will be needed as we move forward.

A Club such as ours is only as strong as its members or more to the point, only as strong as the members’ voices and actions. Working together and knowing everyone’s aims are the same but that we may have different ways of getting there, is the basis of a strong and dynamic club culture.

I didn’t realise that it is nearly 8 years since I was handed the job as President. When that was pointed out I realised that it was time to step aside and let a new chapter begin.

Our previous President, Sherif Mouakkassa, was the right person for the job at the time, getting the games started, getting this Club organised and launched and he was the right person needed to push ahead with a fledging entity.

I was the right President for the next step in our Club’s evolution, pushing for membership growth, combining a certain flexibility with a sometimes autocratic dictatorship. I believe I was the right person to lead the Club from being that fledging group of friends into a growing Club with more teams, more competitions, more social games and events, with equal emphasis on financial stability, sponsorship and media and community awareness.

I have tried to lead the Club as I do my business, fully hands on in every aspect with no written guidelines or protocols, allowing for maximum flexibility and compromise. But that is no longer possible as the Club grows and it needs a new leadership style and approach to take the Club to the next level.

The Club needs for formalised processes implemented and for that it needs new voices and a new leader.

As Sherif was the best person to get the Club started and going, I was the right person to get the Club where it is now. Now is time for the next right person to take the Club on its next steps.

Over the past almost 8 years we have grown from not having enough to make our own team, to fielding 3 Winter Comp teams. Social soccer continues to be popular week after week. We now have Summer Night soccer. We are regular and respected entrants in the Mardi Gras Parade, Fair Day and our tournament is the biggest sporting event on the gay calendar. We have a sister club in Melbourne and an annual interstate competition, with a great working, social and sporting relationship with The Flying Bats. All this has culminated in Pride Football Australia, the only gay and lesbian interstate sporting competition in Australia.

We have a great deal to be proud of but we still have more to do. Only together can we make this Club bigger, stronger and more diverse than ever. I ask that you always put forward your comments and suggestions whether it is to your Manager or the Committee, in the same way you would like it to be put to you. Whether you agree or disagree with the leadership, know that your point of view is always encouraged and appreciated.

I am glad to be leaving this Club in the state it is. I am glad to have had a hand in that and I know I am leaving it in very capable hands. I believe that the President should come from the current Committee and as such I encourage anyone who wishes to look at leading this Club in the future to nominate themselves for the Committee in the upcoming elections. Being on the Committee is a sacrifice of more than just time. Committee members must act for the good of the Club, not self interest, and in many cases what you want is the opposite to what you know is for the good of the Club. It is hard work, it is selfless, it is almost thankless but it is also extremely rewarding as you see the fruits of your labour and the Club succeeding in many areas.

I am stepping down because it is time for new voices to be heard, for new members to step up, for our future President/s to get involved and for new ideas to be raised and new goals set.

I am stepping down because it is the right time for me to do so, time for another to lead a new Committee, and to nurture our future leaders. Thank you for the past 8 years and I look forward to still being part of what lies ahead.